Geometric mean cordial labeling of graphs

K Chitra Lakshmi, K Nagarajan


ABSTRACTLetG= (V,E)be a graph andfbe a mapping fromV(G)? {0,1,2}.For each edgeuvassign the labellpf(u)f(v)m,fis called a geometric meancordial labeling if|vf(i)?vf(j)|?1and|ef(i)?ef(j)|?1, wherevf(x)andef(x)denote the number of vertices and edges labeled withx,x2 {0,1,2}respectively. A graph with a geometric mean cordial labeling is calledgeometricmean cordial graph. In this paper geometric mean cordiality of some standardgraphs such as path, star, cycle, complete graph, complete bipartite graph, wheelare discussed.Keywords:Cordial Labeling, Cordial Graphs, Geometric Mean CordialLabeling, Geometric Mean Cordial Graphs.AMS Subject Classification (2010):05C78

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