International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing

Vol 4, No 2 (2014): International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing

Table of Contents


Neighborhood Connected Domination and Colouring in Graphs PDF
C Sivagnanam 1 - 10
On skolem difference mean labeling of some trees PDF
M Selvi, D Ramya 11 - 18
Stability of a Quartic and Additive functional equation in a 2-Banach space PDF
Bhavin Mansukhlal Patel 19 - 31
Cordial Labeling for Some Bistar Related Graphs PDF
S K Vaidya, N H Shah 33 - 39
Prime cordial labeling of some special graph families PDF
Gaurang V Ghodasara, J. P Jena 41 - 48
On super edge-magic total labeling of certain classes of graphs PDF
Muhammad Imran, Mehar Ali Malik, Muhmmad Yasir Hayat Malik 49 - 57
On (2,k)-regular and totally (2,k)-regular fuzzy graphs PDF
C Sekar, Santhi Maheswari 59 - 69
Associated graphs of certain Arithmetic IASI graphs PDF
N. K Sudev, K. A Germina 71 - 80
On Balance Index Set of Double Graphs and Derived Graphs PDF
Pradeep G Bhat, Devadas C Nayak 81 - 93
Topological properties of Sierpinski Gasket Rhombus graphs PDF
D Antony Xavier, M Rosary, Andrew Arokiaraj 95 - 104
Some new even harmonious graphs PDF
R Binthiya, P. B Sarasija 105 - 111
b-Chromatic number of some cycle related graphs PDF
S K Vaidya, M S Shukla 113 - 127
Total edge Fibonacci - like sequence irregular labeling PDF
S Karthikeyan, R Sridevi, S Navanaeethakrishnan 129 - 135
Some Cycle-supermagic Graphs PDF
N.T Muthuraja, P Jeyanthi 137 - 144
Packing Chromatic Number of Circular Fans and Mesh of Trees PDF
Albert William, S Roy, Indra Rajasingh 145 - 152
Minimum covering energy of binary labeled graph PDF
Pradeep G Bhat, Sabitha D’Souza 153 - 164
Some graceful graphs PDF
V. J Kaneria, H. M Makadia, Meera Meghapara 165 - 172
Some graph products on (r, 2, k)-regular graphs PDF
Santhi Maheswari, C Sekar 173 - 181
On a-vertex consecutive edge bimagic labeling for switching graphs PDF
A Amara Jothi, N. G David 183 - 196
A new class of sets weaker than α-open sets PDF
A Robert, S Pious Missier 197 - 206
Maximal restrained sets in graph PDF
D. K Thakkar, B. M Kakrecha 207 - 211
Perishable inventory system with (s, Q) policy in supply chain PDF
S Kumaresan, R Bakthavachalam, K Krishnan, C Elango 213 - 224

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